Become a Roxe Node

Three Node Tiers:


21 supernodes provide computing power and bandwidth support for the entire Roxe Chain network, ensuring the efficiency and control of the network operation. Any organization can apply to the Roxe Instant Settlement Alliance ("RISA") to be a supernode. Each supernode benefits from the ongoing development of the Roxe Chain ecosystem.

Candidate Node

In addition to the supernodes, Roxe Chain is designed to include hundreds of candidate nodes. If a supernode fails to perform its obligations, a “downgrade” condition is triggered. In such an event, a candidate node takes the place of the downgraded supernode.

Cross-Chain Gateway

Cross-chain gateway Banks, Exchanges, and other platforms with cross-chain settlement needs can apply to become a Settlement Gateways. The Settlement Gateway supports Roxe Chain cross-chain settlement services. Cross-chain nodes provide Roxe Chain with potential accessibility to a wide range of asset classes.

Node Functions

Nodes can perform one or more of four specific functions on behalf of the network:

Settlement Nodes

Banks, trusts, large compliant trading platforms, and operators provide custodian, minting, redemption and settlement services .

Trading Nodes

Exchanges serve as trading nodes that provide the necessary infrastructure to provide clearing services for the entire network.

Payment Nodes

Payment nodes instantly transfer proof of ownership for fiat and digital currencies between other nodes.

Service Nodes

Service nodes share in the benefits of Roxe without providing the  services delivered by the other three node types.

Become a Node