Instant Settlement Network Overview

Roxe Instant Global Settlement Network enables lightning-fast asset and value transfer for cross-border and cross-exchange transactions.

Payments Network

Instant Cross-Border Payments

Instant clearing and settlement between banks without intermediary service providers, for fast, reliable, and automated clearing and settlement, enabling banks and financial institutions to provide their customers with instant cross-border payment services.

Digital Asset Network

Instant Cross-Exchange Trading

Real-time clearing and settlement network that connects digital asset trading markets, enabling exchanges to attract institutional clients with instant cross-exchange deposit, withdrawal, and trading services to execute truly global trading strategies.

Pan-Assets Network

Traditional Asset Settlement

Instant clearing and settlement network connecting traditional asset trading markets, enabling broker-dealers to trade securities, commodities and other assets around the clock for their customers.


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Roxe Settlement Network - Banks and Crypto exchanges
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How the Network Works

Roxe’s public blockchain, Roxe Chain, is the value transfer channel between network nodes. Roxe’s Smart Ownership Proof technology (Smart OP) instantly transfers proof of ownership while Network Settlement Nodes hold assets in custody.

For example, a network node accepts a BTC deposit which it holds in custody. For instant settlement of a cross-exchange transfer, the node transfers Smart BTC Proof Of Ownership (BTC-OP) to the receiving exchange.

Roxe Chain

Lightning Fast Public Blockchain

Roxe Chain is a hybrid blockchain supporting different public chains with cross-chain operations, providing functions such as cross-chain address binding, coinage, and redemption. 

Roxe Chain enables value transfer, supports closed smart contracts (as opposed to open smart contracts), and guarantees fast block-packaging speed — a rare guarantee today.

Smart Ownership Proof (Smart OP)

The Vechicle for Instant Settlement

Smart Proof of Ownership (Smart OP), is an immutable proof of ownership of the underlying asset, e.g., BTC-OP, USD-OP.

The Roxe Currency Platform is the mechanism whereby a Settlement Node serves as the asset custodian and creates the Smart Proof of Ownership that is instantly and immutably transferred and settled via Roxe Chain.

Become a Network Node

Roxe connects network members, or ‘nodes’, that collectively provide clearing, settlement, trading, custody, minting, redemption, and transfer services.

Any institution can serve as one or more type of node, performing different functions for different types of transactions.

Settlement Nodes

Banks, trusts, large compliant trading platforms, and operators provide custodian, minting, redemption and settlement services .

Trading Nodes

Exchanges serve as trading nodes that provide the necessary infrastructure to provide clearing services for the entire network.

Payment Nodes

Payment nodes instantly transfer proof of ownership for fiat and digital currencies between other nodes.

Service Nodes

Service nodes share in the benefits of Roxe without providing the  services delivered by the other three node types.

Payment Settlement Network

Provide instant cross-border payment services for customers.

Roxe payment settlement network enables instant and automated clearing and settlement between banks, without any intermediaries.

In the diagram, a cross-border payment is made from the US to the EU. Value is transferred via Smart Proof of Ownership (Smart OP).

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Roxe Payment Settlement Network