Roxe unlocks a world of new possibilities…

For Banks

Delight customers with lightning-fast and lower cost cross-border payment and settlement

Global Settlement for Banks

For Central Banks

Digitize domestic fiat currency to facilitate cross-border commerce and innovation

Cross-Border Payments Platforms

For Payments Platforms

Offer your customers global instant payments across 100+ currencies while reducing settlement costs

Crypto Trading for Institutional Investors

For Trading Platforms

Attract institutional investors with real-time cross-exchange settlement for truly global trading strategy execution

Crypto Trading for Institutional Investors

For Trading Institutions

Execute global trading strategies with instant fund deposit, withdrawal, and transfer across network exchanges

Enterprise Cross-Border Payments Platform

For Enterprises

Reduce global payments costs and streamline operations with thousands of payment options and currencies.

Why Roxe?

The Problem

Cross-border and cross exchange value transfer is slow and unreliable.

We live in a world with more than 200 countries, more than 200 fiat currencies, tens of thousands of stock listings, tens of thousands of banks, hundreds of traditional asset exchanges, hundreds of public chains, thousands of tokens, and tens of thousands of digital asset exchanges.

Each is isolated from the others – assets cannot be freely transferred between these fragmented markets, countries, and multiple centers. You can not buy an Apple stock outside the U.S. as easily as you buy an iPhone.

In fact, it will take two days or more for your international remittance to be received.

The Solution

Instant settlement network built on a lightning-fast public blockchain.

Roxe is a plug-and-play global instant settlement network built with advanced Distributed Finance (DeFi) frameworks and technologies. 

We will facilitate instant value transfer with an infrastructure that supports the free movement of value globally, enabling the world to exchange value as easily as it exchanges information.

Together with our partners, we connect scattered assets, markets, and systems around the world and free asset transfer from the friction built into financial institutions’ account systems.

Roxe will free the value locked inside the world’s scattered and fragmented markets.

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The Roxe Network

Roxe enables truly global cross-border payments and cross-exchange trading

The Roxe Global Instant Settlement Network is comprised of institutions like yours, and it facilitates instant asset transfers and settlement directly between banks and between digital asset exchanges.

Banks, Central Banks, Payment Companies, and Exchanges serve together as network ‘nodes.’ Each benefits more from the others as more institutions join.

An asset owner can instantly deposit fiat currency or digital assets and the network facilitates instant cross-border payments as well as instant deposits, withdrawals, and transfers between digital asset accounts for cross-exchange trading and payments.

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Roxe Settlement Network - Banks and Crypto exchanges

Instant Settlement For

Cross-Border Payments, Cross-Exchange Digital and Traditional Assets


Instant clearing and settlement between banks without intermediary service providers, for, fast, and automated clearing and settlement, enabling instant cross-border payment services.

Digital Assets

Real-time clearing and settlement network that connects digital asset trading markets, helping exchanges provide their clients with instant deposit, withdrawal, and trading services across exchanges. 

Traditional Assets

Instant clearing and settlement network connecting traditional asset trading markets, enabling broker-dealers to trade securities, commodities and other assets around the clock for their customers.

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Our Recipe for Speed

Roxe Chain – Blazing-Fast Hybrid Blockchain

Roxe’s visionary trade-clearing and settlement model leverages advanced blockchain technology for lightning-fast, global asset instant settlement.

The blockchain, called Global Instant Settlement Network Chain (ROXE Chain) is a public chain created by the Roxe Association, and is accessible only by network nodes.

This innovative approach securely streamlines value transfer between the world’s major banks, financial institutions, and trading markets.

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